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The Multisystem Search Form allows you to search multiple environmental databases for facility information, including toxic chemical releases, water discharge permit compliance, hazardous waste handling processes, Superfund status, and air emission estimates. Search the Envirofacts database using any combination of the following criteria: facility name, geography, facility industrial classification, or pollutant. A search returns a list of facilities that match the criteria entered.

Facility Selection

Geography Search

Enter a partial value for any geography option except for the state value. We strongly recommend that you enter a small geographical area to begin the search since Envirofacts contains a large number of facilities.

New Search Feature - Recently a Tribal Search was added to the Envirofacts Multisystem Report.

Tribal Search

Search for facilities by Tribe. Use the first drop down list to find facilities by tribe or near the tribe's geographic location . To search by Tribe use the second drop down list. When searching near a tribe's geographic location, identify the distance of interest by selecting the radio button containing the distance preference of the search. This is not an exhaustive collection and not all data and facilities may be captured in the search results.

Note: When searching for facilities by Tribe or near a Tribe without selecting a specific Tribe, please use additional query options above, such as the "Geography Search." Otherwise the search may be slower than a normal search.

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Facility Industrial Classification Search

Select a search option from the drop down menu. For the “Equal to” option enter a 4-digit SIC code. For “Beginning with” or “Containing” enter up to 4 digits.

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Select a search option from the drop down menu. For the “Equal to” option enter a 4 to 6-digit NAICS code. For “Beginning with” or “Containing” enter up to 6 digits.

Pollutant Search

Enter the name of a pollutant or a CAS Number. If both a name and CAS Number are entered, only CAS Number will be used in the search. This search will only be performed against TRIS, PCS, and AFS facilities at this time.

Note: Searching using either a pollutant name or CAS number results in a slower than normal search.

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