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The Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) Form R & A Download retrieves data from the TRI database in Envirofacts.

Use TRI Form R & A Download to view (in an .html table) and download (as a.csv file) chemical release and other waste management information as submitted by facilities on the TRI Reporting Form R and A. You may limit your results to specific fields of the reporting form and see results from multiple forms in the same table.

Step 1: Focus your search on a particular chemical, year, zip code, or a combination of elements.
Step 2: Select outputs to be displayed in the results report (e.g., facility name, total air releases, etc.).

Data Selection

Enter search criteria by selecting Search Options and entering Search Values for the appropriate column names below.

Column Name Search Option Help! Search Value
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Output Selection

Chose desired output elements (columns) for the download by selecting one or more of the columns below by clicking on the square box next to the column name.

Please note: Some searches may take a long time to process, due to the limitations of your computer's resources. For best results, try limiting your column selections, whenever possible. 15 minutes of CPU time has been allotted for running the output searches. If your search exceeds this 15 minute threshold, the search will produce an error.